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People and Asset Searches

INTEGRITY  INVESTIGATIONS  has access to the most dynamic and detailed search platform in the private investigations industry.  We can search and locate virtually any individual, anywhere in the U.S., including U.S. territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico. The information you receive about individual subjects is rich and constantly updated, including:

  • 360º profile—From basic information like names, phones, emails and address to detailed data on employment, aliases, assets, criminal history, bankruptcies and much more.

  • Vehicles—Vehicle searches return information from even partial vehicle descriptions and VIN numbers. Now fused with License Plate Recognition data, we can instantly view recent and historical license plate sighting data.

  • Partial data searches—We can enter partial information from addresses, SSNs, telephone numbers and more. Search by location radius or age range. Even with a phonetic name spelling, we'll narrow the search to the fewest possible options. You won't believe how much this unique feature reduces legwork.

Advanced, reliable, discreet...

  • Find and identify people and businesses
  • Locate assets, such as vehicles and properties
  • Uncover patterns of behavior
  • Investigate deeper and solve cases faster
  • Reveal new information on cold cases
  • Quickly identify connections between relatives and associates
  • Investigate fraud
  • Conduct corporate due diligence

When accuracy is critical, and the finished work product is something you have to rely upon, then call:

(208)- 651-0170

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