Integrity Investigations - Administrative
Integrity Investigations - FULL     SERVICE     INVESTIGATIONS     AND     CONSULTING

We wrote the manual on conducting internal investigations...

Having spent over two decades investigating allegations of employee misconduct, critical incidents, and public sector labor law issues, we are unique in the private investigations genre.

We have created a new paradigm for private investigations and consulting in public sector issues. Contract negotiations and enforcement, disciplinary matters, threat assessments and strategies...are all starting to be be outsourced now to decrease costs and reduce or eliminate conflicts of interests.


PUBLIC SECTOR DISCIPLINE is a specialty field and knowing the boundaries, employees' and managements' rights and responsibilities is critical in producing a reliable investigation from which managers can make a determination that will sustain criticism and litigation.

  • Public and private sector internal investigations 

  • Misconduct allegations

  • Employee theft / misconduct

  • Policies / procedures / workplace safety consulting

  • Conflict resolution

  • Labor relations

  • Contract negotiations / grievance resolution

Case Highlights...

WRONGFUL TERMINATION:  Civil Investigation. Settled by employer/defendant with favorable large cash payout to client.

HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT/SEXUAL HARASSMENT:  Administrative Investigation on behalf of plaintiff.  Defendant found guilty and terminated.

WRONGFUL TERMINATION:  Civil Investigation.  Settled by employer/defendant with cash payout to client.

POLICE MISCONDUCT ALLEGATION:  Administrative Investigation on behalf of employer.  Employee terminated, upheld at appeal.

CONTRACT NEGOTIATION/ENFORCEMENT:  Public Employee contract negotiation and subsequent hearing to enforce benefit provision.  Contract upheld, back pay awarded to clients. 



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